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Kasbah d'Agadir Oufella

Breathtaking panoramic view of the bay of Agadir

Climb aboard the Agadir cable car and enjoy the incredible aerial views before you.

Telepherique Agadir
  • Telepherique Agadir

The Agadir cable car is the first cable car in Morocco, connecting the city of Agadir to its Kasbah

The work, which began in early July 2021, was carried out by the Swiss-Austrian group “Garaventa Doppelmayr”, a leading specialist in cable transport.


The passage between the two cable car stations, with disengaged cabins, offers a panoramic view of the bay of Agadir. Over a six-minute trip totaling 1,700 meters, the cable car delivers breathtaking views, particularly of the Atlantic Ocean, the city’s promenade, its port enclosure, and its old districts. At night, thanks to the LED lights, the cabins light up the sky.


A second line is also planned for 2024 as part of the second phase of this project, which will link Agadir Oufella to the ” Danialand ” amusement park and the largest water park in Africa. The Agadir cable car is the first of its kind in Morocco.

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